Buying An Espresso Machine For Your Cafe

We’ve been inundated with phone calls and messages asking to know more about our espresso coffee makers from to-be café owners. To their disappointment we do not encourage the use of our machines for commercial purposes. And we strongly recommend to stay clear of any household or domestic appliance for commercial usage.

It’s a faulty business plan, bound to fail. A dip stick approach is very tempting, but at the same time it’s also short sighted thinking.

Most callers are pleased by the fact that our machines make cafe style coffee at home, and the low investment tempts them to make the leap into the coffee business.

Our take on buying an espresso machine for your cafe is the following –

  1. A domestic appliance is not meant to operate in a commercial environment. It’s components and build are not suitable for robust handling by various employees.
  2. The ambient temperature in commercial kitchens is fairly high and this coupled with the in-built boiler of the machines, the heat in general tends to wear out the machine fairly quickly.
  3. The warranty on our machine is invalid for commercial use.
  4. Just as you wouldn’t use a domestic iron if you were running a laundry service, we don’t recommend the use of our machines for cafés.

The threshold investment for a commercial espresso machine is upward of INR 50,000/- and can get as pricey as a few hundred thousand.

But then, you cannot run a transport business with a family car, not for long, surely.

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