Cleaning your espresso coffee machine.

Coffee Making Session

Every time you turn the machine on to make a cup of coffee or a series of cups and turn the machine off,

is described as a coffee making session.

Before you turn off the machine though, follow these simple steps for the end of session clean-up.

During the Coffee Making Session

If you’re making more than one cup of coffee, remember to follow the simple procedure of purging for cleaning up the steam wand and preheating for regulating the water temperature for the perfect espresso shot.

Ending the Coffee Making Session

Once you’re done with your session, perform the purging procedure which is a simple release of steam to clean the insides of the steam wand of any milk solids.

Slide out the panarello, using a damp cloth, clean the panarello and the metal steam wand wiping out the milk residue. You’re done.