While espresso seems to be all the rage, we shouldn’t forget the place that drip (filter) coffee has in our lives. At its essence, the art of drip coffee-making is quite simple. Pour hot water over coffee powder, run it through a filter and there you have it. But we’ve all had enough bad coffee to know that it’s not as easy as it looks.

With Tecnora’s Caffemio TCM 206 drip coffee maker (DCM), your drip coffee experience will never be quite the same again.

The main advantage of drip coffee is volume. You can make a lot more coffee in a lot less time. With a 1.5 litre water capacity, the Caffemio brews about 15 cups of filter or drip coffee in one go. Of course, there are things you have to factor in, like grind size, water/power ratio, temperature and brew time. But when it’s all pretty much done for you, the results are sublime.

Espresso makers involve hot water and high pressure with makes for a smaller, more intense coffee. And it’s quick. And it has crema, that layer of foam that sits on top, indicative of how freshly roasted the coffee is and how strong the shot it. Drip coffee won’t have that.

While an average cup of drip coffee will contain more caffeine, this has a lot to do with volume. Per ounce, the espresso shot will win out but as you might only have one or two shots of espresso, a mug of drip coffee means more caffeine.

For a lot of people, it’s about timing. A mug of brew coffee is nice for a leisurely morning or a mid-morning break, while an espresso fits nicely after a meal.  It all comes down to choice.