Espresso Coffee Machine troubleshooting-Clogged pressurised baskets.

“The coffee pours out very slowly”.

” The pump seems to have stopped functioning”.

” I can hear a muffled whirr of the pump, but no coffee is pouring out”.

“The coffee machine has stopped working!”.

These are common statements we get from customers who contact our customer service helpline.

The problem is usually a clogged portafilter basket and the solution is simply replacing the basket with a new one.

Over time, with the daily use of your machine, the micropores in the pressurised baskets get clogged with coffee powder and with continuous exposure to heat, the coffee powder hardens and eventually blocks the pores leading to blocking off the flow of water. This ‘choking’ is the cause of a slow pour or no extraction at all.

So how do you know if you have a clogged basket? Its pretty simple. We have provided you with two baskets. One for a single cup and one for a double cup. You’re probably using one of these on a regular basis. Take the other ‘spare’ basket and check if it is a single or double shot basket. Fill it with the corresponding quantity of coffee powder (very important), so one spoon of coffee powder for a single shot basket and two spoons for a double shot basket. Pull an espresso shot. If it works and you get a smooth, neat espresso, then your regular use basket is definitely clogged and needs replacement.

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