Why under extraction or over extraction alters the ideal shot

Extraction is a term frequently used when discussing espressos – but what exactly is it? When you pull a shot using your Tecnora Cremiere TCM 106A espresso coffee maker or Tecnora New Classico 107M espresso coffee maker, you run water through the coffee powder to extract the flavour.

If you take too long, then you over-extract and end up with a bitter taste because too much flavour has been pulled from the grounds. If you don’t take long enough, you under-extract and get a sour-tasting coffee because the water hasn’t been held in the puck long enough to extract the right amount of flavour. The trick it to get it just right.

And, surprisingly, it’s not about the amount of water you use. Try this test to see the difference. Line up three shot glasses and split your double-espresso into three separate shots. Then do a taste comparison. The third glass should taste quite bitter compared to the first.

You control the extraction so depending on your taste, you decide when enough is enough.