How To Brew Coffee-The 3F Rule

Here it is:

Fresh, Fresh, and Fresh.

Freshly Roasted. Freshly Ground and Freshly Brewed. These are the 3 ‘F’s.

Follow these simple rules and you’re never going to unfollow them. The idea is to source freshly roasted coffee beans regularly in small batches, and grind them just before brewing your daily cuppa joe. Be it drip, pour over or espresso.

Freshly Roasted:

All roasters run weekly batches. The busier ones have more than one batch a week and some run a  batch daily.
The point is to get the roasted beans in small batches weekly depending on your consumption. Just enough to last you a week or maximum of two weeks if you have friends popping in regularly because you’ve just discovered how to brew great coffee! Not a bad thing at all.

Freshly Ground:

Invest in a burr grinder. Even a manual, inexpensive will do. You won’t regret the investment. Look, you know how cooking with freshly roasted and ground spices can make your tastebuds sing, right?

It’s the same thing. The only difference however is, that for coffee, you need the coffee grounds to be as uniform as possible to get all the coffee goodness immersed evenly in hot water when you brew. A burr grinder does just that-grind the coffee beans to particles of a uniform size.

Freshly Brewed:

Wait no further.

Whether your preferred brew is drip, pour-over or espresso, waste no time. Just brew it.