Milk Stretching For Latte Art

Here’s a Pro tip for you.

Many of our customers struggle with getting the frothing right for the elusive thick, creamy flow of milk for latte art.

Watch this video on another tip to get the micro foaming right by observing the sound as you steam the milk. 
Here’s a recap on the basic must-know facts about milk frothing for latte art: 
  • 1. We’re looking at at least 1.5% fat content in our milk. The more, the better. 
  • 2. Milk must be as chilled as possible. 
  • 3. Fill your frothing jug with at least 100ml of milk, maximum up to half the capacity of the            frothing jug. 
  • 4. The best temperature for textured milk for latte art is 60 to 63 degrees celcius. Anything            less is not warm enough to be enjoyed and anything more will not give you the silky texture. 
  • 5. Use a frothing jug for best results. 
It does take some practice, but trust us, before you know it, you will be impressing your family and friends with your barista skills. 
Here are some more resources of videos uploaded by our customers:
*… Uploaded by a customer- a milk frothing tutorial.
*… The ‘Prequel’ on milk frothing techniques. 
*… A milk frothing video shot in real-time.