How much coffee powder do I need for an espresso?

single and double espresso

The industry standard is 7 grams for a single shot of espresso, give or take a gram. This is pretty much true and tested across all kinds of commercial and domestic machines. However, depending on the blend of the coffee beans and the variations in roasting profiles, coffee powder from some roasters may even need up to 12 to 15 grams for the same 30 ml espresso shot.

Single Espresso

We’ve made it easy for you. The spoon provided with the Tecnora Espresso coffee maker is built to hold 7 to 8 grams of finely ground coffee powder. Scoop up the coffee powder, take off the excess powder such that you have a flat surface at the brim and there you have your dosage for an espresso. Place this powder in the filter basket, use the tamper on the other end of the spoon to compress the powder and you’re ready to load the portafilter onto the coffee maker.

Double Espresso

A double espresso uses two scoops of coffee powder which is about 14 to 16 grams of coffee for a 60 ml extraction of espresso.

For a double espresso take a flattened spoon of coffee, place it in the filter basket, compress it using the tamper, take another spoon and repeat the process making sure you have a compressed flat surface of powder in your filter basket before loading it into the brewing head of your espresso coffee maker.