What is Pre-Heating and Why it is Important

Before we serve a hot meal, we warm the plates they’ll be served on. Before we make a pot of tea, we scald the pot. So, before we pull an espresso, shouldn’t we warm the machine? The basket? The portafilter? Even the cup?

At Tecnora, we work to ensure that you have what you need to pull a great shot of espresso. And we recommend doing the prep work. To warm your Tecnora Cremiere TCM 106A or the Tecnora New Classico 107M espresso coffee maker, simply run water through it as if you were pulling a shot, but don’t put the coffee in. You can use the hot water to warm the cup, too.

Some would say, don’t bother. Others might say that it doesn’t add much to the quality and taste of your coffee. But when it comes to pulling the best espresso, believe that it helps to prepare.