Tecnora New Classico Pro TCM 107M – Espresso Coffee Maker for Home


  • Professional Upgrade For The Home Barista.
  • Heavy Duty 58mm Solid Stainless Steel Bottomless Portafilter.
  • Stainless Steel Non-Pressurised Basket.
  • Compatible 51mm Solid Aluminium Tamper.
  • Complimentary frothing jug and 200 g of espresso coffee powder, free.
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The New Classico PRO TCM 107M – Semi Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

Professional Upgrade For The Home Barista

finalNew Classico 107M Pro model

INR. 8,760/-

Your Coffee Shop at Home!

Built With A Precision Thermoblock And Italian Pump – Cappuccino / Espresso Coffee Maker.

Includes Professional Solid-Aluminum Tamper.

Pulls Great Espresso Shots

Get That Perfect Espresso With The Touch Of A Button.

Make A Creamy Cappuccino Or Latte

The Built In Steamer Is Perfect For Frothing Milk.

Buying An Espresso Coffee Maker Online Has Never Been Easier.

Join The Coffee Revolution !

Key Features

classico bottomless

Heavy duty, solid stainless steel bottomless portafilter with a 58mm double shot basket.

classico tamping like a pro

Angled design to place on counter top edge for easy tamping.

Untitled-1(500px) (1)

Compatible 51mm Solid Aluminium Tamper Included.

coffee dropping from bottomless portafilter

Perfect Your Barista Skills and Pull Those Visually Appealing and Intense Tasting Espresso Shots.

tecnora pro steam feature

Built-in Steamer spout with Panarello

The powerful 1050 watt thermoblock produces a steady gush of steam to froth milk for your cappuccino or to make a creamy soup on the go.


Powerful 15 bars Italian Pump

We source the pump from the world leaders in espresso pump technology.

Semi Automatic User Controlled buttons.

Manually activate and stop the pump for your desired quantity of espresso.

Power Button with Auto Shut Off Feature

This is a spring loaded switch. Press to turn on and press for a count of two to turn off.
If not turned off manually, the machine will switch off automatically after 25 minutes.

Temperature Selector Switch

Manage the water temperature in the boiler with this switch. Toggle between temperature for brewing espresso or higher temperature to generate steam for milk frothing.

Pump Control Switch

Press start to activate the pump for your espresso. Press off when you’ve reached your desired quantity.

What’s Included ?

2year Warranty with espresso coffee maker
free frothing jug
Coffee Spoon
coffee powder

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