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Tecnora- The leader in price and technology for thermoblock + pump espresso coffee machines.

Our machines are designed to replicate the café experience at home.
We're serious about your coffee.
A precision thermoblock and a world renowned Italian pump ensures you get the full flavor extraction from your coffee.
Choose from 2 models: The Classico - our entry level espresso coffee machine &
The fully automatic Epic for those looking for an upgrade.
tecnora espresso coffee maker
Buy Tecnora Mixer grinders online

There's some serious engineering in our Mixer grinders.

Endorsed by some of the most respected bloggers in India and abroad as well as by dedicated home chefs,
the Avatar mixer grinder is the only brand in the market with two of the most essential features – A safety lock mechanism and built in stirrers.
Now, sold online in India, USA, & UK, the Avatar series is the new benchmark of performance.

India’s first multi chamber all steel electric food steamer.

Discover the power of steaming food. Cook as well as reheat. The world over, food steamers are now extensively used to cook delicious meals daily and to reheat cooked foods as well without loss of flavor and texture.
Our unique circumference steam release design ensures that there is no cross flavor between the chambers and gives the possibility to cook different foods at one go.
Discover the Tecnora Multi steamer. Steaming is the new cooking.
Tecnora Food steamer

Tecnora Espresso Coffee Machines, Mixer Grinders & Food Steamers