The following review reflects my experience with this machine for the last5 years –

*Quality of Coffee from Tecnora : Excellent with very good aroma ( I use Plantation A, Peaberry and 30% Chicory Blend)

*Ease of Operation of the machine : Very easy and simple (Fill the filter,put it in the holder and press the button depending on the consistency of decoction required)

*Value for money : 5 Stars (Fully worth)

*Experience in dealing with the seller: Excellent communication and clarified all the technical and common queries before making the purchase. Seller is in touch for any feedback for the improvement.

Our family members are Coffee lovers and we use this machine daily.

Precautions taken by me in using the machine:

*To prevent voltage fluctuations I have used voltage cut-out which cuts off power when the voltage is below 170V and above 270V.This will prevent the machine running on low and high voltages.

*I use only RO water so that the internals are clean and don’t corrode and scale.

*Before starting the machine I ensure that the tank has sufficient water.

*After extraction of Espresso shot, I remove the filter,clean the SS filter and put the empty filter in holder and flush by pressing the 4th button which cleanses the filter with residual coffee powder. Repeat for the second time so that the filter and the entire path is cleaned thoroughly. Then clean with a dry cloth and switch off.

I recommend this machine confidently to any one and you can save money on coffee powder as it will extract the full decoction by pressure. Also it will save a lot of time in preparing coffee since the entire process of getting decoction is over in 3-5 minutes. In conventional filter it takes anywhere around 30 minutes for getting decoction. Kettle in the machine is highly useful for getting hot water anytime.

Making Espresso coffee is also a fun in this machine with frothing spout on right side. My guests love the coffee from this machine.

I thank Tecnora and Roksam Enterprises for making available such a useful Espresso machine for domestic use.