I am not a big one for reviews unless I really care about the brand / product – In this case I absolutely love your product – and am more than happy to review it.

This machine provides Excellent coffee.. I used to think that the quality of the coffee depended totally on the beans, only to learn it’s the machine that does the real thing. Operating this machine It is not difficult at all, ( though it has a procedure to follow) and the outcome is well worth the effort.

This machine is Absolute value for money.

I Have had no issues in dealing with Tecnora at all … there was a point where the machine seemed to clog up, but that was sorted over the phone with some easy DIY cleaning/ maintenance steps.

For me, I believe Tecnora has raised the bar for home made coffee, the flip side is that I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee… ?

The other thing it has done it is made home the hang out – everyone prefers to hang / meet at home than at a coffee shop.

And to say the least – the experience has been so flawless that if anything happened to this machine, I would without consideration go out and buy exactly the same one again.