5 Types of Coffee You can Make at Home in a Minute

Craving a creamy Cappuccino?

Care for a heartwarming Mocha?

Skip the expensive coffee shop and make your coffee at home in your own kitchen!

                  INR 12/- (or less)                             

for a cup of coffee-shop style coffee in your own home,        including the cost of an espresso machine.         

Yes, it’s true.

Here are five recipes for some of your coffee shop favourites that can brighten up your d


How to make Cappuccino coffee at home in a minute

Steamed milk with a thick layer of airy foam poured over a rich dark espresso shot. The result is a velvety, creamy cup of coffee.

Latte Machiatto

How to make Latte Macchiato coffee at home in a minute

An espresso shot poured over steamed milk with a layer of thin foam. The name literally means ‘stained’ milk. Get this if you like milky, mild coffee.


How to make Caffe Americano coffee at home in a minute

Also referred to as ‘Lungo’ or long in Italian, is a single or double shot of strong espresso with an equal or more quantity of hot water. Great if you like to drink black coffee and lots of it!


How to make Caffe Americano coffee at home in a minute

Forms the basis of most coffee shop style drinks. The favourite of the Italians and now a staple the world over, an espresso is dark and intense brew of ‘ coffee bean juice’.

Caffé Mocha

How to make Caffé Mocha at home

First make some heart warming hot chocolate with milk. Next add an espresso shot. Your Mocha is ready.