Making Single and Double espressos in the Tecnora Classico TCM 107M


In addition to a precision thermoblock and Italian pump, our 107M comes with a single-shot and a double-shot basket. Yes, two baskets. 

It pulls great espresso shots at the touch of a button. Choose your basket and brew one or two shots, depending on what you want.

Say goodbye to wasted coffee and soupy leftovers.  Say hello to a single or double shot of heaven.

Most semi-automatic espresso coffee makers make a double espresso. They come with a two-shot basket that holds enough powder for two shots. Chances are you didn’t realise this and you’ve been starting each morning with an espresso doppio (a double espresso).

Now, if you want to brew just a single shot, logic might tell you just to put half the amount of powder in your basket. Oh, if only this were true. It’s not. To get the full flavour from your coffee, you need resistance and if the basket is only half full of powder, resistance will be too low. So, you will need a single-shot basket.

You could, of course, fill the double-basket and only run half the water through it so that you still get that single shot. But this seems like a waste. Or you could top-and-tail the pour, missing the first 3 seconds and the last 10 and just taking the sweet bit in between. It’s a lot of bother to go to, when you can simply use a single basket.

You told us and we listened. Our latest espresso coffee maker, the Tecnora 107M comes with not one, but two baskets – a double and a single. And if you like less caffeine but still enjoy the whole espresso experience, or want just a single shot for a cappuccino, this is the one for you.

With a single shot, there isn’t as much cool water going into the boiler so the temperature holds much better as you pull the espresso. And you also don’t have the sodden puck you can get with a double-basket when the water takes time to drain off completely.