What is an Espresso Pump?

The quest for that perfect cup of coffee has driven many a coffee lover down the espresso road, taking in that heady aroma, lovingly gazing at the golden crema lying on top of the dark brown beverage, before bringing the cup to the lips.

And responsible for this indulgent sensory experience is none other than the simple  vibratory pump that sits inside your espresso coffee maker. If you have a coffee maker that claims to be an espresso maker and does not have a pump, then you’ve bought a non-pump espresso maker and you’re going down a different road entirely. You’re not even coming close to what real coffee lovers experience.

Developed by the Italians, a vibratory pump is a compact device which is lodged inside your compact espresso maker and, on demand, pumps water from the water tank, through the thermoblock (which heats up the water). It then forces this hot water through the coffee powder to give you that perfect espresso shot.

espresso pump

The standard pressure for the perfect espresso is 15 bar. This results in full flavor extraction and the golden foam – the crema – that sits on top of the coffee. And, of course, we can’t forget that hard-to-resist aroma.

Larger commercial machines have a rotary pump and motor to cater for café clientele who come  to sip their favorite brew and indulge in some good conversation.

If you’re looking to buy an espresso coffee maker for your home, a pump espresso maker is the way to go.

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