Making an Espresso in Your Tecnora Classico TCM107M

The reason a measure of espresso is called a ‘shot’ is relevant to it’s character-a small 30 ml concentrated brew made from freshly roasted and ground coffee. This concentrated espresso shot is either downed as it is or with sugar and also forms the basis of several coffee based drinks popularized by café culture allover the world.


It takes 7 grams of finely ground coffee powder(freshly roasted and freshly ground) for an ideal espresso shot. This is the thumb rule. However, depending on the origin of the coffee beans and roast profile imparted to it by the roast master, these parameters may change with personal choice.

Double Espresso

Twice the coffee powder and twice the brew. 14 grams for a 60 ml brew. Espresso machines are calibrated to hold a maximum of coffee powder good for a double shot of espresso at a time. That is why there is no triple shot or more.

Long Coffee

Also known as a ‘lungo’ or ‘Americano’, this is made by adding hot water to either a single or double shot of espresso in a ratio determined by your preference of dilution. The ideal long coffee would be a double espresso with an equal part of hot water.

Important : Never pass more water through the coffee powder than prescribed for the corresponding single or double espresso shot. For a long coffee stick to adding hot water to the prescribed shot!!.

If you find your espresso shot too strong, add hot water – do not pass more water through it!.

Okay, we’ve made our point. Now let’s tell you why.

All the oils and the flavor of coffee are extracted in the first 30 ml or 60 ml depending on the single or double espresso dosage and should be left at that. Passing more hot water thereafter, releases the acids in the coffee, resulting in a bitter and flat tasting brew.

So how do I know when to stop the pump button on the Classico?

All it takes is to brew a couple of espresso shots to learn when you have reached the right volume of coffee extract and stop the pump button. It’s part visual and part instinctive.


A cappuccino is made by adding foamed milk to an espresso shot. First make a shot of espresso in a large mouthed cup. Switch the temperature control button to steam and wait a couple of minutes for the boiler to raise the temperature to heat the water for steaming. The temperature indicator shuts off and turns on again after the higher temperature is reached. Add chilled milk to the frothing jug. Insert the steam wand into the milk and turn on the steam knob allowing the steam to enter the milk, which foams and heats the milk at the same time. When you have reached your desired consistency and temperature, turn the steam knob off, remove the frothing jug from under the wand and add this thick silky textured milk to your espresso.