Difference between Classico TCM107M and the CaffeGusto TCM109M Espresso Coffee Machines?


The main difference is aesthetics.

The other minor difference is boiler wattage. The New Classico Espresso Coffee Machine has a 1050 Watt boiler while the CaffeGusto Espresso Coffee Machine has an 850 Watt boiler. This is due to a design tweak in the CaffeGusto boiler and bears no significance in the performance of the boiler itself as compared to the New Classico.


Having spelt out the core differences, here are some bullet points that explain the differences in detail:


New Classico TCM107M                                                        CaffeGusto TCM109M


  • All Plastic Body                                                       * Some Stainless Steel Decorative Panelling.
  • Plastic Froth Assist Panarello                              * Stainless Steel Froth Assist Panarello
  • No provision for Cup Warmer                             * Provision for Cup Warmer
  • 1050 Watt Precision Boiler                                   * 850 Watt Precision Boiler