Difference between Classico TCM107M and the CaffeGusto TCM109M Espresso Coffee Machines?

The main difference is aesthetics.

The 107M New Classico has an all plastic body with a retro look.

The 109M Caffe Gusto has some stainless steel trimmings added to the plastic body and has a classic design element with a provision for a warmer plate for place your espresso cups.

The other difference is Thermoblock Wattage.

The 107M is equipped with a 1050 watt thermoblock while the 109M is equipped with an 850W thermoblock.

The price to wattage rating might seem skewed, but due to a tweak in the design, the 109M has a more efficient thermoblock.

A side by side comparison.
Untitled design (21)
  • All plastic body
  • Plastic froth assist panarello
  • No provision for cup warmer
  • 1050 Watt Thermoblock
  • Some stainless steel trimmings
  • Stainless steel froth assist panarello
  • Provision for cup warmer
  • 850 Watt Thermoblock