What is Purging and Why it is Important

Psychologists tell us that keeping everything inside is not good for us. The angst and the anxiety build up until we get to the point where we explode. Best to purge regularly and keep our souls clean. Did you know that same could happen to your espresso coffee maker, if you’re not careful?

Both the Tecnora Cremiere TCM 106A or the Tecnora New Classico 107M espresso coffee makers come with a panarello, an upmarket steam wand with an extra feature that adds a small amount of air to the steam creating a more consistent froth. As this adds the magic to a creamy frothy cappuccino or a creamy latte, it needs to work perfectly, every time.

But in the excitement of pull that perfect shot and frothing the milk just so, we can often overlook the purge. We’re too eager to sit down and enjoy our perfect coffee. And if we do this often enough, the day will come when the panarello will give up. It won’t work. There will be no steam. And that will be the day when you’re craving a cappuccino.

You need to purge. And you need to purge regularly. Every time you use the steamer you need to let some additional steam run through when you’re done so that the milk deposits don’t get time to build up and take root. Simply open the steam tap and let some fresh steam through. Remember the old adages? A stitch in time saves nine? Prevention is better than cure? Act in haste, repent at leisure? Get the picture?

Next time you’re in your local café, watch the barista and see how they purge. And they’re the experts.