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Welcome to Tecnora – Buy Espresso Coffee Machines, Drip Coffee Makers & Coffee Grinder For Home

Tecnora- The leader in price and technology for thermoblock + pump espresso coffee machine.

Our Espresso coffee machines are designed to replicate the café experience at home.
We’re serious about your coffee.
A precision thermoblock and a world renowned Italian pump ensures you get the full flavor extraction from your coffee.
Choose from 2 models: The Classico – our entry level espresso coffee machine &
The fully automatic Epic for those looking for an upgrade.
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There’s some serious engineering in our Mixer grinder.

Endorsed by some of the most respected bloggers in India and abroad as well as by dedicated home chefs,
the Avatar mixer grinder is the only brand in the market with two of the most essential features – A safety lock mechanism and built in stirrers.
Now, sold online in India, USA, & UK, the Avatar series is the new benchmark of performance.

Buy Tecnora Espresso Coffee Machines online and join the coffee revolution.

We’re creating a movement around coffee, and would love for you to be a part of it.
Choose Tecnora, your Espresso coffee shop at home!

The largest range of Espresso coffee machine for home in India.
Choose from a range of semi-automatic and fully automatic pump espresso machines.

Built to replicate the coffee shop experience in your own home.Get the same heady aroma and rich flavours of your favourite coffee shop style drinks at home.

Intense Espressos, Creamy Cappuccinos, Warm Lattes.

India is the sixth largest producer of coffee in the world.
Most of the coffee is exported, Italy being the largest importer.
The coffee is then processed abroad, roasted and then sold all over the world.

Tecnora’s Espresso Coffee Machine are compacted versions of the commercial machines you see in coffee shops.

Pump driven, precision boilers, steam wands to froth milk.
The works.

And we offer an unconditional Coffee Guarantee.
We guarantee to replicate the same coffee experience of your favourite coffee shop.
While we too are fans of coffee shops, it’s more about having a great cup of coffee in the morning as the aroma fills your home, or that relaxed evening on your couch or even when some buddies are over.

Get in touch. Bring the coffee shop home.

For any service or support related tasks, you need to contact one telephone number or one email.
Your ticket is handled by one team who is responsible for solving all service related tasks.
Browse our website for details on the various coffee machines we have to offer.
See how our machines are packed with features to give you the full flavour extraction.

Visit our blog section. Populated with general information about coffee and everything to do with coffee brewing and brewing at home!

Check out knowledge base and search bar. Get your coffee related questions answered.

The writing was on the wall.
India did not have a single specialty coffee, western style coffee shop until only recently in the year 2000.

As a matter of perspective, India has been growing coffee since the 1500’s.
Fast forward to today, not only is coffee shop culture a runaway success across demographics, but we have specialty neighbourhood roasters bringing in their expertise and adding their own nuances to coffee.

Freshly roasted specialty coffee is now just a click away.
Wake up and smell the coffee!

An espresso forms the basis of all your favourite coffee shop drinks.
It takes a pump driven Espresso machine to brew that intense extraction of ‘bean juice’.

Freshly roasted beans are ground just before brewing in dedicated coffee bean grinding machines called ‘burr grinders’. A scoop of the uniformly ground powder is gracefully placed in a brewing basket within the portafiter, tamped with deft to compact the powder and then loaded onto the espresso machine.

A flick of a switch later, the pump in the machine swings into action, forcing the hot water in the boiler onto the coffee grounds and out pours the golden, syrupy, dark brown liquid filling the air with a heady aroma.

Add hot water to make a ‘lungo’
Add frothed milk to make a ‘Cappuccino’ (go ahead and get creative with latte art while you’re at it).

Add the espresso to steamed milk for a ‘Latte’.
We could go on and on…
Remember, it all begins with an Espresso.

Have a question? Need a pre-purchase demo or Post purchase installation help?

Get in touch with us and we can arrange an online video call, at a time suitable to you and take you through the entire process of making a great cup of coffee.

Visit our youtube channel ‘Tecnora TV’ for extensive machine demos, ‘How to’ videos and loads of brewing tips and also videos of our customers showing off their barista skills

Head on to our youtube channel ‘Tecnora TV’.
It contains several tutorials and information on how to use our machines and on coffee culture in general.
We have all the information you need to truly bring the coffee shop home.

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