About Us

We’re a company without the burden of a history behind us.

Our approach to business is to empower you with relevant information, cutting-edge technology , and designs that “WoW”.

- You have the power to research.
- You have the power to reach out to fellow consumers.
- You have the power to choose.

We understand this.
Watch this video to understand our mission, and our passion.

We’re on a Mission

To provide you with the best coffee experience at your own home. Just like you get in your favourite coffee shop, anywhere in the world. And we guarantee it. We launched our first espresso machine in India in the year 2011. Nine years on, we’ve got the largest range of Espresso Coffee Machines, And a lot of fans. Did you know that India is the sixth largest producer of coffee in the World? So, where’s the coffee? In tasteless Instant coffee jars. The disruption has begun though. If practically every European home can have an espresso coffee machine in the kitchen, so can we here in India.

We’ve got the coffee. All we need is affordable coffee machines just like the Europeans do. This premise formed the basis for us to launch our brand of Coffee machines in India. And we did. And we made them affordable, just like it is in the rest of the world. Now you can brew coffee sourced from choice single estate plantations in the South of India or even pick up coffee beans from your trips abroad and enjoy a heady cup of coffee in your own home. Brewed to perfection in a Tecnora coffee machine.

Our Espresso Machines

We only do pump enabled espresso coffee machines. No dodgy steam espresso machines or wannabe espresso machines. It’s the real thing. Miniature versions of the commercial coffee machines you see in coffee shops. Stylish, compact and affordable. The same heady espresso’s, creamy cappuccinos, lattes. No frills and no gimmicks.

Your Coffee moments, your way

Have you noticed India’s burgeoning coffee scene? There’s now a craft coffee roaster near you. Your supply of freshly roasted coffee is only limited to your ability to click on the order now button and fill your home with the heady aroma of a freshly brewed espresso.

Our coherent online support

Have a question? Need a pre-purchase demo or Post purchase installation help? Get in touch with us and we can arrange an online video call, at a time suitable to you and take you through the entire process of making a great cup of coffee. Visit our youtube channel ‘Tecnora TV’ for extensive machine demos, ‘How to’ videos and loads of brewing tips and also videos of our customers showing off their barista skills.

Our Blog Section

Visit our blog section. Populated with general information about coffee and everything to do with coffee brewing and brewing at home! Check out knowledge base and search bar. Get your coffee related questions answered.

Our Centralised Service Team

For any service or support related tasks, you need to contact one telephone number or one email. Your ticket is handled by one team who is responsible for solving all service related tasks. Browse our website for details on the various coffee machines we have to offer. See how our machines are packed with features to give you the full flavour extraction.

Our Youtube channel ‘Tecnora TV’

Head on to our youtube channel ‘Tecnora TV’. It contains several tutorials and information on how to use our machines and on coffee culture in general. We have all the information you need to truly bring the coffee shop home.

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