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Barista Viva TCM 110M 850W Espresso Coffee Machine (Charcoal Black)

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    • 15 Bar Italian Pump for Full Flavour Extraction
    • 850 Watt Precision Boiler for Accurate Temperature Control
    • 1-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the pump.
    • Stainless Steel Froth Assist Panarello, Cup Warmer Plate, and Front Panel
    • Single & Double Espresso Pressurised Portafilter Basket

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Barista Viva TCM 110M 850W

Espresso Coffee Machine

(Charcoal Black)

Your Coffee Shop at Home!

15 Bar pressure Italian Pump for Full Flavour Extraction.

Pulls Great Espresso Shots.Barista grade control.

Powerful built-in steamer for cafe style milk frothing.

Froth assist panarello for creamy,velvety milk texture.

Steam-flow control knob.

Dual zone thermostats for precision temprature control.

Double espresso portafilter.

'Smart-Energy' patented 850W thermoblock.

Also available in Charcoal Black.

Made In India.


Key Features

Two Espresso shots at a time

Two portafilter baskets are provided. One for a single shot and one for a double shot of espresso. This ensures perfect pressure to the coffee grounds for bringing out full flavor and aroma.

Built-in Steamer Spout with Panarello

The powerful 850 watt thermoblock produces a steady gush of steam to froth milk for your cappuccino or to make a creamy soup on the go.

Detachable Water Tank

1.5 litre water tank. Slide upwards to detach. Simply refill with water and repeat the joy.

Powerful 15 bars Italian Pump

We source the pump from the world leaders in espresso pump technology.

Semi Automatic User Controlled buttons.

Manually activate and stop the pump for your desired quantity of espresso.

Power Button with Auto Shut Off Feature

If not turned off manually, the machine will switch off automatically after 25 minutes.

Temperature Selector Switch

Manage the water temperature in the boiler with this switch. Toggle between temperature for brewing espresso or higher temperature to generate steam for milk frothing.

Pump Control Switch

Press start to activate the pump for your espresso. Press off when you’ve reached your desired quantity.

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