Tecnora AVATAR 750FP – Mixer Grinder 750 Watts


    • Unique patented safety mechanisms in all jars. Completely child safe.
    • 1.25 Ltr Stainless Steel Grinding Jar (lqg) With Polycarbonate Dome With Rubber Ring Sealer And Stirrer.Small Qty Stainless Steel Grinding Jar (sqg) With Polycarbonate Cover, Rubber Ring Sealer And Stirrer.All Purpose Removable Blade & Interchangeable Whipping Blade.Spatula, Instruction Manual And Warranty Card.
    • Power Consumption : 750w Hi Torque Motor.R.P.M. Approx. 18000 No Load Dynamically Balanced.Blades – Hardened And Polished Stainless Steel.Motor Speed – 3 Speed With Incher
    • Available in 2 Jar & 3 Jar Options
    • 2 year Warranty
    • One Point Customer Contact Center +91 750 600 3399



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The Tecnora AVATAR 750FP -Mixer grinder 750 Watts

Bring Home The

Now you’re cooking…

There’s some serious engineering in the Avatar Series.

from the design of the body to the construction of the jars.

Bring the Avatar home.

Make amazing meals with fresh ingredients

instead of ready-made boxed meals from the supermarket.


Key Features

The Tecnora AVATAR 750FP -Mixer grinder 750 Watts

Please watch this

Check out the Hygiene and Performance advantages of Tecnora Avatar Series.

Why should all blades be removable?

If you detach the blade in your large grinder jar to clean your jar and blade thoroughly, shouldn't you be able to do the same to your chutney jar?
In fact, Indian cuisine uses the chutney jar probably more than the larger jars, but most mixer brands provide a fixed blade in the chutney jar.
This simple insight prompted us to redesign our jars so that blades in all jars can be removed to clean the undersides of the blade thoroughly.

What is smooth tube?

Smooth tube is a jar which has no screws attached to the handle from the inside.
The handle is attached externally by spot welding.
Here's the difference- Screws on the inside come in contact with your food and sometimes, even after thorough cleaning, some micro food particles get stuck in the screw crevices, giving rise to the probability for bacteria growth.
Not in the Avatar. The spot welded handles ensure that the insides of the jar are smooth and crevice free.

Brass components in your Jar are hazardous!

Take a look at the inside of the jar of your mixer grinder in the area of the blade assembly. If there is a metal nut that is holding the jar and the plastic cup that fits into your mixer body, most likely it's made of brass and lined with chromium.
Over use, the chromium wears off, exposing the brass to your food. The acids in your food react with the brass releasing 'verdigris' a highly poisonous substance.
The Chromium coating too is only permissible with certain limits and are not permitted in some countries.
The Avatar has no brass component in contact with your food.

Doesn't my mixer already have this?

In all probability, No.
Most mixer brands give you a smaller bearing for the chutney jar.
That didn't make sense to us. We need power in our Indian kitchens for our dry grinding and for our pastes and chutneys. The chutney jar is very heavily used in our kitchens. It didn't take us long to put this valuable observation into our design.
A full-size bearing transfers greater power to the rotating blade resulting not only in speed but really smooth and consistent results as well.
The chutney jar of the Avatar has the same full-size bearing as the larger jars.

Why Is This Important?

You know that perfectly balanced wheels give you a great ride.
It's the same with your mixer grinder.
When you're dealing with high speeds and a load full of food, a perfectly aligned assembly of the motor with the center of gravity of the body reduces noise and vibration and transfers the entire power of the motor to where it's needed most-The high-speed blades. If your mixer makes a lot of noise, one of the reasons is bad alignment.
One of the reasons the Avatar is quieter than most machines is the dynamically balanced assembly.

Isn't this an Industry standard?

Yes, it is. But only a few brands stick with it.
A solid body along with a dynamically balanced assembly ensures that the mixer is not only a solid performer but doesn't make too much noise about it.
Many of our customers have noticed the huge difference in noise levels after using the Avatar. The virgin ABS 3mm body is one of the reasons.

Unparalleled Power


What’s included ?

It comes with: a two year warranty on the motor, a one year warranty on the entire product, a spatula, and an extra whipping blade.

Watch what you can do with the Tecnora Mixer grinder…

Make Your Own Spice Mix

Making Pesto Sauce in the Tecnora Avatar Blender/MixerGrinder

Making Tahini in the Tecnora Avatar Blender/Grinder/Mixer

Making Peanut Butter in the Tecnora Avatar Blender/Grinder/Mixer

Making Almond Milk in the Tecnora Avatar Blender/Grinder/Mixer

Power Packed Post Workout Smoothie

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